Rainbow Jade Craft Vase_Bomb
Rainbow Jade Craft Vase_Bomb

Rainbow Jade Craft Vase_Bomb

The rainbow jade is used mostly as a decorative stone in Taiwan. Our rainbow jade products are hand created then polished and glazed with acrylic to enhance the dazzling tones. In addition, our products are made to the top quality because our workers understand the value of the rainbow jade. “A perfect centerpiece for your home ”


*Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3x3x5 inches

*Color: Rainbowish

*Brand: Artfinity

*Material:Natural Jade Stone



About this item

1.Made out of 100% natural jade stone; stain-resistant, suitable for residential and all different occasions

2.Natural jade stone provides timeless elegance and eye-catching presentations

Price $2,250


SizeItem Dimensions LxWxH: 3x3x5 inches

MaterialRainbow jade