About US


The beauty of Hualien never stops. Those who can live in Hualien are all lucky ones. We lie down on stones and immerse ourselves in a natural and beautiful environment. In the past 40 years, although time is rushing, many things will be erased, but some things will not disappear on the physical and spiritual level. For us, the display of craftsmanship is the best proof that we resist time. Through the eyes of the craftsman who witnesses these beautiful sceneries every day, he uses his hands to turn the beautiful jade into a unique handicraft. The life story of each texture is elaborated and shared with you. This spirit is like water, with long flowing water and dripping water through the stone.

Leaving the noisy city that has been drifting for a long time, returning to our hometown, dedicated to inheriting the persistence and hard work of our fathers and generations, every moment, every moment, the huge belief is the source of driving us, and the physical manifestation of our craftsmanship spirit will not be erased by time . We have a rare stone factory integration ability, from ore to building materials, from handicrafts to carvings, in addition to diamonds, all the stones you want can be found here. We listen to the needs of our customers, are willing to discuss with you, turn imagination and expectations into stone, and pursue a good time with the stone.


  • Address No. 57-1, Jianan Rd., Xincheng Township, Hualien County 971024, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Phone 886-3-822-8817
  • Time Mon ~ Sun 8:30 to 17:30
    (Please call us on national holidays)