Rosy Pi Xiu beaded bracelet
Rosy Pi Xiu beaded bracelet

Rosy Pi Xiu beaded bracelet

A powerful healing stone for relationships, the Rhodonite crystal encourages clear communication, the lifeline for a strong and healthy union.


As the 9th son of dragon, Pi Xiu, a fabulous wild beast of Chinese legend, the security guard of Heaven.

It can beats any monster and soothe every ghost, therefore Pi Xiu is symbolizes power, riches, and honor, also Pi Xiu is known for increasing good luck of wealth, because Pi Xiu eats money and treasures but never discharge.

About this item

Due to its powerful nature, it's aforementioned that the Pi Xiu will block evil spirits and defend individuals from damage. It can also bring individuals lots of good things such as smart, luck, riches, and power.This distinctive bracelet is fantastically packaged and prepared for giving as a gift. Makes a sentimental surprise for any awesome friends or family members. woman.

Length of the brave troops bracelet: 7.8 inches

Made in Taiwan

Price $2,240


SizeBracelet length: 7.8 inch, elastic thread.